The Lookout by Angus Ritchie & Daniel Tyler

The Lookout was designed and built by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler as part of their Advanced Architectural Design thesis at Strathclyde University. The project was part of the Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative in conjunction with the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and funded by the Scottish Government. The project also received sponsorship from MAKlab, Russwood and Gillrick Metalwork.

The Lookout sits within the landscape disappearing and reappearing from view as you move towards the object. Two seats, one for two, the other for one, frame views up Loch Voil and Loch Doine whilst a third view can be experienced through the reflections of the single vertical panel. The initial concept of a room with a view was realised over 2 months and built by hand by architecture students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler.

The Lookout is a timber frame structure clad in mirrored stainless steel laminated to 12mm birch ply. Standard sheet sizes (1220 x 2440mm) were the kernel of the design as the small budget and concern for minimising wastage were paramount. The result is a 2440 x 2440 cube with volumes carved out to frame views and allow users to sit or stand. The edges of which are exposed, and treated, to frame the object in the landscape. The cladding for the seats is a Frake Hardwood, supplied and sponsored by Russwood, planed to 24×24 mm sections and assembled in a Japanese style.







Info and images © Ritchie and Tyler

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