The Meunier Tech Beauty Shenzhen Concept Store is almost a private art gallery

Meunier Technology Beauty’s first concept flagship store is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. The project invited China’s top-tier design company DOMANI to lead its space design. The design strategy is in line with Shenzhen’s Culture+N new industry policy, and it also tries to open a certain design academic discussion in the commercial space: its creative connection, as well as an experience between the two dimensions of feminism and space.

The space form, which is very different from traditional beauty places, tries to combine two contradictions: extreme thickness and lightness with extreme strength and softness. The space explains the presentation of contemporary women’s appearance and inner relation with the contradiction of space and the sense of drama.

The main hospitality area is almost a private art gallery. The collection-level contemporary sculpture installations and furniture are all configured from the top contemporary art exhibition design brand A&V in China. The main installation series is called bright night and gentle dismemberment.

The mixed pouring technology combined with the staggered interspersed of deconstructed precast concrete slabs constitutes a visitor consultation table. The tabletop is matched with the 6-degree chair transparent version made by A&V 2019. It is originally a panel seat based on architectural logic and female sitting posture design. The neat lines form an ergonomic seating surface, backrest, and overall force structure through different angles, and it has an unexpected comfort. The copper wave bench is a high-end product made by A&V in 2020. Through 3-5mm different thickness connection and precise mold bending technology, it is organized into an installation bench that can be used by multiple people at the same time in terms of deconstruction and stability and can be freely customized in terms of length and number of seats.

Aisles and public spaces are separated from the public area of the office building through clear glass partitions, and the relationship boundary between different places is established while maintaining the maximum visual aspect of the space. Since the guest room area is a completely enclosed private area, the public area is given a certain degree of visibility as a transition zone. Through this external visibility, it establishes the trust of visitors and consumers in the operation technology of the place.

The key to the interior of the guest room is the feel of water. When consumers open their eyes in a space with gentle and quiet light, the corrugated steel structure on the top forms an illusion-like waterscape through complex refraction and reflection, which makes one willing to stay in the middle of a certain moment of a blur, spontaneously through the imagination of rippling water.

The dressing table with multiple functions provides consumers with formal wear and rest after the service. The full-length formal mirrors behind the front body are rigidly connected to the dressing table through the metal structure. The dressing table has the water circulation function with its own water tank so that the functional module can solve the problem in the space where hard installation of upper and lower water to provide extremely convenient water with a complete series of high color rendering lighting system. The device is currently being specially developed by A&V for Meunier.

Design, info and images © DOMANI

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