The museum of Fire in Żory resembles dancing flames

The story of the Museum of Fire started when OVO Grabczewscy Architekci were asked to design an exposition pavilion to promote the city of Żory in Poland. The name of the city means “fire”, ”burnt”, “flames”. In the XII century, when Żory was founded, a forest was burnt in order to create free space for the new city. This tradition is still alive – there is a Festival of Fire in summer, and the logo of the city is a small flame. The building consists of three independent walls that “swim” next to each other. Their composition and shapes covered with copper plates resemble dancing flames. The spaces between the walls are fully glazed forming entrances to the pavilion. Walls are made of architectural concrete, covered on the outside with copper and left untouched inside. The floor is paved with black stone, and continued to the outdoor elements. By using the underground space for a large exhibition hall, the building became the Museum of Fire.












Info © OVO Grabczewscy Architekci

Images © Tomasz Zakrzewski

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