The new commercial centre at Charles de Gaulle airport at RIFF 2014

The commercial centre Aéroville, located in proximity to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, in value of €185 mil will be presented at RIFF International Architecture Expo Conference, in November, by the French architect Philippe Chiambaretta. Inspired by the imagination of the airport and the movements in travel, the developed concept borrows from the architectural vocabulary of the terminals and runways to form the facades of an imaginary city composed of large blocks of varying height. Adorned with a double skin of steel and glass, the building is dressed with letters forming the word “AEROVILLE” – a futuristic hybrid of airplane terminal and shopping mall.

The Aeroville mall is designed in the manner of a city rail system, making a clear distinction between the public space and the built environment. The commercial program around the interior streets is fragmented into blocks of varying heights and dimensions referring to the islands of the city. Similar to being inside an airport, the interior street has natural light and views to the sky through a glass roof designed to reduce artificial lighting and avoid thermal warming. The interior street widens at several points to form nodes that are more illuminated and open to the highest points of the ceilings, which correspond to the five points of vertical links between the parking and the center: the hubs. The path of 1.1 km long is largely illuminated by continuous windows and is projected by the rhythm of the plugs on the façade.

About his participation at RIFF 2014, architect Philippe Chiambaretta said: “I am honored to be a speaker at the 2014 RIFF conference. It will be my first time in Bucharest and I am extremely eager to meet and share with Romanian architects about architectural and urban issues facing our societies today. I am particularly interested in the vision and approach to design and construction of the cities of tomorrow from the point of view of Romanian architects based on their economic, social and urban context and also in the way they envision and apprehend the evolutions of contemporary architecture in our context of globalization. At RIFF, I will be speaking about the Aeroville project that is a new mixed-use retail and entertainment hub at the vicinity of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport. I am happy to share the experience of designing and building this project with the East-European audience. Aeroville portrays the architectural principals of the PCA agency, and it is also an example of a shift in the approach to the shopping and leisure experience we face today.”


RIFF is part of the series of international architecture expo conferences organised by ABplus Events in 2014, in Bucharest, Warsaw and Budapest, together with the Order of the Architects of Romania, the Association of Polish Architects and the Chamber of Hungarian Architects.

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