The Samurai Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Samurai Cabinet continues Sebastian Errazuriz’s series of innovative works on furniture as a medium. Almost 400 individually movable keels construct a flexible skin which allows its contents to be accessed from any angle.


The small spear shaped pieces allow its shape to shift and change depending on the positions in which they are arranged.

Cleverly counterbalanced on a pivoting point, each spear instantly flips open by simply sliding a finger down its side. This small technical detail evidences the artist’s passion for completely developing his unique ideas from the conception to the last screw or joinery.

The cabinet’s sculptural presence reminds us of an armor spiked up ready to protect the valuable belongings it’s owner might decide to place in its interior.

The Samurai Cabinet like the vast majority of Sebastian Errazuriz’s creations was completely fabricated in house at his own wood-shop with the help of a couple of assistants. 



Info and images © Sebastian Errazuriz

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