The Swiss Concept Clinic in Valencia is inspired by Eastern aesthetic and meditation

Mainly inspired by Eastern aesthetic and meditation, this facial surgery and dental clinic in Valencia was conceived following notions of lightness and calm. A deep approach which has been achieved by Francesc Rifé Studio through very simple means: light wood to give the space a sense of calm, as well as translucent glass to capture the emotion of light.

The design is marked by an atypical waiting area placed facing the treatment rooms, in which a large bench runs longitudinally the interior facade. Each of the seating areas is framed with a composition of sliding panels that run as screens over windows to bring light inside in a soft way. Also in the privacy of each room there is a patient waiting bench.

At the entrance, the ash wood narrative begins and it is used throughout the entire project. As a counter background, a green painted wall further softens the interior and welcomes the clients. Panels of backlit optical glass and white walls create a translucent central core which hides the treatment rooms. The layout of doors on both sides of each room allows a circular route around the floor plan, facilitating a continuous flow of doctors and patients.

Laboratory, sterilisation, storage cabinet, bathrooms, and consultation room line around the perimeter of the clinic and are treated as independent and quiet areas using white surfaces. The simplicity of lines of the entire project is enriched through details made in sulfurised brass applied both on the shelves and on the long door handles, all designed by the studio for this project.

Design and info © Francesc Rifé Studio

Images © David Zarzoso

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