Trenta7 – AD Campaign SS14

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Eleonora Moccia revolves around the concept of limen, or threshold, as a portion of indefinite and indefinable space. Approximate and irregular boundaries along with entrances, borders and meeting points: an relationship torn between inclusion and exclusion of similar and yet diverging elements of the same item. Limen gives a sense of separation, of break and of reunion through an invisible thread crossing through the space; Limen stands for the union of diversity, a link between naturally disconnected ends.

The collection’s complementary geometric contrasts, style solutions and formal codes show the interaction between levity and gravity. Lines and materials cross and overlap with each other, outlining the profile of the foot, and cross the line between the masculine and the feminine world. Vertical fissures open up on leather sandals or décolleté. The collection features transparencies that let the shape of the foot show through the leather, creating amazing patterns in basic colors like white, black and beige. The collection also sees the return of the briefcase catch, dear to the designer, influenced by transparent or full color PVC; a new test for the brand’s upcoming hot season.








Info and images courtesy of Studio DModa

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