ttmm watchface apps collection for Pebble

ttmm presents watchface apps collection, designed for smartwatches with black and white 144×168 pixel screens such as Pebble and Kreyos. The apps are original, simple and aesthetic in design. Because they are made of pure energy, they are more like ghosts than real things. These watches are the most economical and ecologically-friendly ever to have existed. You will find 15 models of simple, elegant and aesthetic watchface apps, each model is available in black or white. The styles run from business ttmmchart, through sci-fi ttmminus to the beauty and smartness of 9ttmm, 4ttmm and the modern, classic toottmm. You can upload ttmm watches directly via Pebble’s application and install them on your smartwatch. Now you can change the face of your time whenever you like – ttmm (after time).














Idea & design : Albert Salamon
Pebble programming : Michał Żyliński
Android programming : Michał Żyliński
iOS programming : Karol Kozimor
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Info and images courtesy of Albert Salamon


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