TWINKIND – 3D photo figurines

Through state-of-the art 3D scanning and color printing technology, TWINKIND are stunningly detailed figurines that you can hold in your hands and observe from any angle. In other words: custom-made mini twins.

The 3D photo figurines are a revolutionary way of freezing a moment in your life. Whether it’s a family portrait, a proud mother and her newborn baby, or an entire gentlemen’s club. Or your cat. Your furry little friend with at least four legs.

Amongst the world’s first, the creators have developed a way to utilize a technology that makes the impossible possible. For the client, it is as easy and quick as being photographed. And the best – no need to hold your breath for minutes.

Part of their technology is similar to what many know from the Matrix Effect. The multi-camera system is based on photogrammetry principles – guaranteed no harm to your body.

There are 7 different scales to choose from. Heights are available from around 15cm to around 35cm. (depending on the scale you choose.) Proportions of your body will be entirely maintained, from your outline to the smallest drape of your clothes.




Info and images © TWINKIND

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