Two autonomous volumes are rotated and cantilevered to provide sun protection

On a site in the higher part of a residential zone in the environs of Murcia is located the singular, crossed house with views to the adjacent mountains. From the ambiguity, being on a site of a future densely built-up area and at the same time enjoying today’s unsurpassable views, was born the idea of the project: to orientate the lower level of the house to the garden’s intimacy and grant to the user at the superior level the delight of its views considering future edification and the influence of solar radiation. The stacked oblong volumes are rotated by 35 degrees so that the extremes orientate to the most favouring views and generate at the same time cantilevers of about 10m length. The expressive power of this formal configuration, very elementary in principle, is further enhanced by a subtle distinction between the two volumes: the edges are rounded according to the orientation of the main openings of each level reinforcing this way the autonomous nature of the volumes.





Info and images © Clavel Arquitectos

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