Two discreet polygonal volumes constitute Villa Ensemble

The discreet polygonal volumes of the two buildings that constitute Villa Ensemble designed by AFGH are the result of ideas of visual privacy and vantage points, and with their slanted roofs they constitute a single entity. The concave and convex recesses enter into a dialogue with the exterior space, producing clearly defined and encompassed spaces to relax.

The commission consisted of replacing the existing double single-family houses with two single-family houses connected to each other via an underground wellness area. Both houses are reached by a footpath through the garden that connects the two exterior levels to each other. The double-storey living rooms form the main spatial focuses of the houses. The other rooms develop outwards from them around the circulation cores, which are enhanced by an open fireplace.

Both buildings rise from the shared underground garages and the wellness level. The solid concrete construction beneath ground level gives way to a load-bearing framework of reinforced concrete, which is filled in with wooden elements and windows. The ash-wood elements contrast with the smooth outer concrete surface. The structure of the facade follows a metabolic approach whereby the wooden and window elements can be replaced as wished with glazing. The majority of the inside walls are executed in white plaster, whilst the vertical circulation core and the fireplaces reveal the exposed concrete.













Design and info © AFGH

Images © Valentin Jeck

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