Various projections, set-backs and rounded corners lend Neuhofweg House a sculptural and dynamic appearance

This two-storey detached house is set on a hill in a neighbourhood of villas located in a suburb of Basel, Switzerland. A private path leads to the park-like grounds set back somewhat from the street and to the house on the north edge of the plot. Various projections and set-backs together with rounded corners with varying radii lend the building by Beck + Oser Architekten a sculptural and dynamic appearance.

This is accentuated further by the use of simple concrete throughout and by the varied shapes of the many openings. The windows on the north, west and east sides are set behind small round openings in the façade, which thus acts as a filter. The south side by contrast opens up with large picture windows and glass doors. The round shapes continue on the interior, creating exciting sequences of spaces.

From the living room a spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, which features a curving gallery, four rooms, two bathrooms and an open office area. A roof terrace with a view is accessed via a staircase attached to the outside of the building. The lower level accommodates a guest room and a generously sized open multipurpose room. Both draw daylight from a courtyard. In the interior, plywood boards of maritime pine, raw steel, concrete terrazzo flooring and exposed concrete walls create a sleek, low-key ambience.

Design and info © Beck + Oser Architekten

Images © Börje Müller

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