Wonder Galaxy: a daring walk-in closet reminiscent of an Austin Powers film

Wonder Galaxy is a journey into the future that explores the relationship between tomorrow and a fantasy or a dream-like world that makes us relive our youth. This “Futuristic Childhood Revival” reveals to us why, in adulthood, we tend to dismiss our fantasies, we stop using our imagination and we become more solemn and sedate.’ – Patricia Bustos Studio

‘The answer lies in colour. We believe that a colour-filled future and a somewhat surrealistic atmosphere can help us recover the creative energy of childhood. We begin with pink, a colour close to Patricia’s heart, and which possesses a kind of magic that has the power to transform the serious into the festive, to modernise even the most classical piece and to refresh even the soberest and dullest environments.’

#wondergalaxy is a daring, colouristic walk-in closet, a three-dimensional reality reminiscent of an Austin Powers film, but in which we are the players. The ensemble of alcoves and asymmetrical volumes afford a sensation of infinite depth, expanding the space and producing a perfect balance. The graduating colours suggest endless, parallel, utopian realities we could live in if we wanted to. If you are all set to dream, why not do it boundlessly. Fantasy colours and soap bubbles are combined with unusual materials, such as iridescent elements and ceiling fabric to generate an atmosphere that transports us to another galaxy and lets us visualise new horizons where we can dream and be ourselves.’

Design, info and images © Patricia Bustos Studio

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