Zoncuantla apartment block features concrete pigmented with minerals from its site

This project is located in the mesophilic forest of the old Xalapa – Coatepec (Veracruz, Mexico) highway on a terrain with privileged panoramic qualities. In this polygonal space and in correspondence with the slope of the lot, the design proposed by RP Arquitectos is seeking to emphasize the views for all the apartments and promote the contemplation of the environment.

On 760 square meters of land, the building is displaced, leaving a green area footprint on more than 50% of the property and using rooftops as well as a green area and terrace. A wall of breaststroke typical of the site forms a base on which the building sits.

The condominium is made up of four apartments; the ground floor apartment is in dialogue with a garden that contains endemic vegetation, while the upper levels get panoramic views of the environment assisted by terraces to expand the social space. The project invites various playful tours on each of its levels, moving from public spaces to private areas.

The apartments total 470 square meters of construction, seeking to optimize space without leaving aside the quality of the different atmospheres. Plastically, the project uses materials such as wood, adobe, clay and earth tones.

Design and info © RP Arquitectos

Images © Onnis Luque and Naser Nader Ibrahim

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